The most vivid memory from my childhood is a reel-to-reel audio tape recorder, which my Dad would play the Beatles and the Stones on. Later, it came time to make my own musical choices. Out of nowhere, this eclectic set of sounds started ringing in my ears: Metallica, RHCP, Depeche Mode, Mr. Bungle. There was nothing left for me to do but throw the gauntlet to the idols. The beginning of the 1990s spelled the founding of my first band – Repostor. A metal band, obviously :-)

Those were the beginnings. In 1993, Guess Why was founded on the ruins of Repostor. That was the band that fully reflected my fascination with seemingly mismatched sounds and musical solutions. Five years later, I joined the legends of Polish metal – Acid Drinkers. Those were five years of mayhem, which is a separate story to tell… It was during that time that my future passion and profession began to take shape, i.e. music production. At first, they were albums by the bands I was in, co-produced with musician/producer extraordinaire Jacek Chraplak. It was soon to change, though.

The seeds sown when I was a member of Acid Drinkers began to sprout and I decided to start my own recording studio after I’d left the band. With the initial budget of PLN 0 (that’s USD 0 and € 0 as well ;-) ), I was forced take the dramatic decision of selling my guitar, amp and cabinet in order to buy studio monitors. I would borrow all the other stuff. Who knows how things would have turned out if it hadn’t been for the help I got from the Opalenica Community Center and its manager, Andrzej Trzeciak, who made a few rooms available for me to start operating.

Another important man I should mention is Jacek Miłaszewski. This youngster (at the time) with an out-of-the-box mind stood on my professional path and opened many boxes in my head eagerly sharing his enthusiasm for sound. We went through a great deal together and I owe him a lot. We’ve been supporting each other ever since.

These were the events and people that allowed me to catch the wave. Hopefully, it’s not going to change any time soon.

Currently, I run my studio dealing with music production but also engineering, i.e. recording and editing tracks, mixing, mastering as well as taking decisions regarding sessions.

I make suggestions, give advice and look at musicians’ compositions with a critical eye.

Despite the fact that I am often associated with Acid Drinkers and the so-called Metal music by a large part of the public in my country, it doesn’t mean that Perlazza Studio limits itself to producing this genre only. I am happy to record any piece of good music that is played by people who are willing to trust me in terms of production and more, which I encourage everyone to do.

For volunteers:

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